Campaign Terms & Conditions

Stamp Hunt Terms


1. By participating in Stamp Hunt, you agree to be bound by these Stamp Hunt Terms, and the Terms of Use.

2. "Stamp Hunt" is an activity where you, the Customer, may collect a stamp (“Stamp”) by scanning a specific QR code (“Stamp Hunt QR Code”) at the physical retail outlet of one of our participating affiliates (“Stores”)

3. Upon collecting a Stamp, Customer may obtain a voucher or other benefit (“Reward”) from the Store.


4. Lazada may, at its sole discretion, determine the Stores where Customer may obtain Stamps or Rewards through the Stamp Hunt QR Code.

5. Stamps and Rewards have no monetary value.

6. Rewards are subject to availability of the Reward, and available stocks of any products associated with the Reward.

Store Rewards

7. Any Rewards issued by Stores are subject to any terms imposed by the Store.

8. Lazada does not guarantee the availability of any Rewards issued by Stores.

9. Customer should contact the Store directly if there are any problems relating to Rewards issued by the Store.

Lazada Rewards

10. Upon collecting certain numbers of Stamps (as determined by Lazada), Customer may be eligible to receive a Reward from Lazada.

11. Where receiving the Reward from Lazada requires fulfilment of other conditions, Lazada determines if those conditions are met at its sole discretion.

12. Rewards issued by Lazada are subject to the Terms of Use and any conditions attached to each Reward.