Referral Reward Rules

a. In order to participate in the referral program, a User has to invite others who is/are strictly new user/s to: (a) download the Lazada mobile application (“Lazada App”); and (b) register or login to their Lazada account through the Lazada App, by sharing the referral link.

b. “New user” refers to a person who has never made any purchase on Lazada Platform and has never installed the Lazada App, as determined solely by Lazada. 

c. A User may receive reward/earnings when:
i. an invited New user successfully downloads the Lazada App, logs into Lazada account through the Lazada App, through the link shared by the User, for the first time, and then make first non-digital goods purchase on the app.
ii. Purchase from all non-digital goods categories are valid for referral rewards.

d. Upon a successful referral; a user (referrer) invites a new Lazada user (referee) to register and then make 1st purchase on Lazada app, he/she will receive a referral reward within 24 hours as “Pending Earnings”. The user must wait for 7-14 days after the referee order is delivered and confirmed. If the order is cancelled, returned or refunded, the order would be voided, and its corresponding referral fee will be nulled.

e..When the order is delivered and completed, the user’s “Pending Earnings” will be transferred to “Withdrawable Earnings”.

f. If a User chooses to withdraw the earnings in form of voucher, the user can only use the voucher in his/her subsequent purchase in Lazada app, in accordance to the terms and regulation of the voucher.

g. If a user chooses to withdraw the earnings in form of wallet rebate, the rebate will be deposited to the User’s Lazada Wallet within a few hours after redemption. The Reward is only usable up to three (3) calendar days from date of redemption and under the conditions specified by Lazada. New users of Lazada Wallet need to activate its Lazada Wallet first before any rebate can be applied to purchases on Lazada platform. Purchases or orders from the “Digital games and software” and Digital Utilities “telecommunications” categories on Lazada platform are excluded from the use of such Reward.

h. Users invited to participate in referral program may invite others to participate in the referral program, and these rules shall apply similarly to any user participating in the referral program. A User will not obtain any further reward from other users’ further activities (including without limitation, other users’ purchase on Lazada platform, or engagement in referral activities).

i. An invited user can register/ login through the link shared by another user (to assist such user or any user) only once a day.

j. Prizes are limited and will be on first come first serve basis. Lazada reserves the right to change the Reward or limit the prizes, on Lazada’s sole discretion at any time without prior notice.

k. One person can participate in the referral program via only one user account only. Registering a duplicate account or under fraudulent/suspicious circumstances can result in the suspension of all of your accounts without prior notice. Lazada reserves the right to suspend, delete, or disable user accounts at its sole discretion.

New Buyer Referral Terms and Conditions of Participation

a. These New Buyer Referral Terms and Conditions of Participation (“New Buyer Referral Terms”), govern your participation in the referral program. By participating in New Buyer Referral, you, as an eligible user ("you" or “User”), agree unconditionally and irrevocably to be bound by, and shall be deemed to accept, these New Buyer Referral Terms, in addition to the Platform Engagement Tools Terms & Conditions, the Digital Vouchers & Gift Card Terms and Conditions, and the Lazada Privacy Policy, which are incorporated by reference into these New Buyer Referral Terms. New Buyer Referral Program shall be available from “Promotion Period”.

b. If you are under eighteen (18) years of age at the start of the Promotion Period, you must seek parental and/or guardian consent before participating in New Buyer Referral Program.  Only Users who are logged into the Lazada App are eligible to participate in New Buyer Referral Program.

c. Rewards may be used only for the purpose of making purchases on the Lazada Platform, subject to Clause 7 of the Specific Rules and the Platform Engagement Tools Terms and Conditions.