Terms and Conditions for Wallet Ong Month

1. Top up Campaign Wallet Ong Month (13th February– 3rd March 2019)

1.1 NEW WALLET USERS Top-Up into Lazada Wallet to receive 8% Rebates of Top up amount. 

1.1.1 Eligibility: Lazada is offering rebates to new Lazada Wallet users who top-up their Lazada Wallet under the following terms and conditions: 

(a) 8% rebate (“Rebate 1”) will be awarded to registered users for their first successful top-up into Lazada Wallet, with a minimum top-up amount of Ringgit Malaysia Thirty (RM30);

(b) Rebate 1 is only available to registered users: 

 (i) with valid Lazada account; and 

(ii) who have not previously done a top-up;

(c) the maximum amount for Rebate 1 is limited to Ringgit Malaysia Twenty (RM20) for each registered user;

(d) Rebate 1 is provided on a first come first serve basis up to a limit pre-determined by Lazada in its sole discretion;

(e) Rebate 1 is available for top-ups made into Lazada Wallet on both the Lazada mobile application and Lazada website only;

(f) the first successful top-up must be completed between the 13th February– 3rd March 2019 and only the first successful top-up will be eligible for Rebate 1;

(g) for top-ups via 7-Eleven, the top-up requests must be completed between 13th February– 3rd March 2019.

1.2 Terms that apply to Rebate 1 :

(a) Registered users cannot withdraw their successful top-up and rebates from their Lazada Wallet.

(b) Rebates will be credited into eligible registered users’ Lazada Wallet by 11.59pm on 3rd March 2019.

(c) Any rebates that remain unused for sixty (60) days from the date it was credited to eligible registered users’ Lazada Wallets will automatically expire.

2. Terms & Conditions that will apply to all Lazada Wallet promotions/contests:

2.1 Lazada reserves the right to alter, cancel, terminate or suspend the campaigns, or any part thereof or any part of the applicable terms and conditions from time to time, without prior notice.

2.2 Subject to any other terms and conditions on the Lazada platform, including, without limitation, the Lazada Wallet Account User Terms and Conditions.

2.3 Lazada’s decision regarding all matters and disputes relating to the campaigns shall be final and binding and no correspondences will be entertained.